About Us

After almost fifteen years, our message to the world remains the same: Simple, clean, flavor keeps'em coming back for more! We continue to romance our customers with pronounced flavors, interesting shapes and sizes, and a never-ending progression of new desserts. There is no limit to our potential offerings: Our ideas come from you, a legion of exuberant and helpful enthusiasts.

Our original story still rings true: My brother, Marty, and I bought a little chocolate company in Pearl River, New York during the spring of 2000. We were fascinated by the old world, handcrafted chocolates that the folks who worked here produced and, initially, thought we could help them gain a wider local audience. Somehow, someway we started making all sorts of cakes and tarts and distinctive desserts (with the help of a brilliant, world-renowned pastry chef), which, in the end, were delivered to the same local pastry chefs who bought our chocolates. Acceptance was great and without much thought toward nostalgia we rapidly changed from buckle-shoed, elf-run chocolate company to white toqued elf-run dessert house!

Pearl River Pastry's sole mission in life was, and still is, to give pastry chefs the singularly best undecorated, finished product for their own use. Our premise is simple: use the best possible ingredients - and let the chef take the honors! All our products are one-hundred percent all-natural and, when available, our ingredients are purchased from local producers and small farm growers. We hold fast to the idea that minimally processed, locally provided ingredients - where you know the name of the farmer and his or her cow - retain the sharpest and the most distinctive flavors. (The farther away you take the raw ingredients from their agricultural origins the more the original flavor "notes" fade. We also like to support other all natural growers, farmers and producers!)

I like to think that, when seen and tasted, our products speak for themselves. However, I am well aware that paying attention to the myriad of details in producing, selling and delivering our product is just as important to chefs and buyers alike. Our packaging is rigid, protective, and properly sealed. It easily works in back store and in-store freezers and display cases and allows the product to go undamaged during the heavy-handed impress of transportation. Our bakehouse is kosher certified (Orthodox Union) and NSF certified HACCP/SQF. Our employees are trusted, trained and imaginative. We have energy reduction and eco-friendly material and behavior programs. Our product line is wide and deep and we have holiday and promotional programs all year long.

I invite you to talk to us, taste our product and be pleasantly surprised. Call us for a meeting or a tasting!

So, many thanks for a successful, and fun, past and the opportunity for more in the future.